Volunteers Needed for Fall Mock Test

Sunday, August 4, we are going to hold a Mock Test for the dogs entered in (or on the waiting list for) our Fall Test. So far, we have 3 NA dogs and 6-7 UT dogs. This is more dogs than normally allowed to be in a NAVHDA test. WE NEED HELP OR WE WILL HAVE TO CANCEL THE MOCK TEST. If anyone can come out and help from 8am-5pm please email Cheryl ASAP, (cheryl@e-trainingfordogs.com). We will need the following 15 people to make this work.

  • Field Marshals – 2
  • Pretend judges – 4
  • Gunners – 3
  • Bird planters – 3
  • Duck handlers – 1
  • Distraction gunner/NA gunner (blanks) – 1
  • Extra/Gopher – 1