COBB LAKE SWA – Nineteen handlers enjoyed ideal spring conditions and great cover May 21-22 during the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Spring Test.  Scores are below.

The Chapter wants to thank the handlers who presented their dogs for evaluation as well as judges, Senior Judge Mark Krueger, Craig McLaughlin, Scott Wilkey and apprentice Cliff Fleming.

JUDGES: Mark Krueger (Sr.), Craig McLaughlin, Scott Wilkey. Cliff Fleming, apprentice
Saturday, May 21
Test Scores Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex Handler
  Points Prize
NA 98 Pz III Elsa Outlander’s Noble Reflection GS F Sara Heesacker
NA 86 Pz III Ranger Stellar Vista Fall Color Aux Lake GR M Robert Roden
NA 102 Pz II Ginger Jackson Creek’s Whiskey Girl PP F Dale Parker
NA 112 Pz I Mya MW’s Blackberry Smoke GW F Scott Baysinger
NA 112 Pz I Frankie Deutsch Dually’s Feisty Francesca GW F John Wiebener
NA 96 Pz III Ayla Indian Brook Prairie Wind’s Ayla GS F John Hatch
NA 104 Pz I Draker Jackson Creek’s Braveheart PP M Kevin Boswell
NA 110 Pz I Moxy TKO Running with Moxie GS F Chris Wagner
NA 112 Pz I Pepper Greenhorn Mountain Spicy Pepper GR F Oliver Towns
Sunday, May 22
Test Scores Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex Handler
Points Prize
UT 199 Pz I Shane Lakewood’s Courageous Shane SM M Keith Seebart
UPT 118 NP Greta Oxbow’s Fertabulous PP F Jeff Buckwalter
NA 108 Pz I Tallie Indian Brook Talledega vom Mack GS F Tom Swezy
NA 95 Pz II Rosie Menhaglan’s Adelita Rose VS F Kate Castleman
NA 108 Pz I Biff Buford’s Mad Dog Tannen GS M Reid Johnston
NA 99 Pz II DD Dark Star’s Dirty Diana GW F Brian Knudsen
NA 106 Pz I Stella High Country Stella PP F Holly Binnian
NA 112 Pz I Aspen Aspen GW F Derek Thompson

Aspen, a female German Wirehair, can’t wait to hit the field portion of the NA test. Handled by Derek Thompson, Aspen received top scores: 112 Prize I.



MW’s Blackberry Smoke rewarded all the training owner Scott Baysinger did with her by bringing home a 112 Prize 1 in the NA test.


TKO Running with Moxy splashed her way to a 112 Prize I for handler Chris Wagner.


Holly Binnian handled High Country Stella to a 106 Prize I.