RMC-NAVHDA Test Day Volunteer Positions

Field Marshall and Field Marshall Assistants:
The Field Marshall works with the Senior Judge to ensure the tests are conducted following NAVHDA rules, policies, and procedures. The Field Marshall coordinates the people, materials, and supplies needed for each leg of the test, and directs the teams to stage the materials and supplies prior to the beginning of each test segment. The Field Marshall advises the Senior Judge regarding the characteristics and resources of the test areas. The Field Marshall receives direction from the Senior Judge and other Judges on how the judges would like to have the test conducted throughout the day, and how each segment of the test will be conducted; the Field Marshall shares these directions with the volunteer test teams for the proper execution of the test segments. The Field Marshall performs other requests of the judges throughout the day. The Field Marshall stays in contact with the Parking Lot Marshall to properly stage the handlers for each test segment. The Field Marshall may enlist the help of the Parking Lot Marshall and the Water Marshall as Assistant Field Marshalls to assist in other duties.
Duration: All Day

Field Marshall Assistants assist the Field Marshall in the coordination and execution of the test segments, and other activities related to the test throughout the day.
Duration: As required during the day.

Water Marshall/Assistant Field Marshall:
The Water Marshall sets up the materials and supplies required for the water portions of the test. 

NA Test “Puppy Water” – Set out the bumpers at the test area for the water test segment; keep all handlers away from the test area during the day prior to the water test; keep observers from walking the berm during the test so as not to distract the test dogs.

UT Test “Steady By The Blind” Segment – Set up the duck winger, heeling stakes, and duck blind; set the chapter decoys in front of the duck blind. Have the RMC Chapter gun on hand, with blank loads (6 blank loads required per UT dog, plus a few extra). Have dispatched ducks on hand at the winger for the water retrieve. 

UT Test “Duck Search” Segment – Prepare the kayak with a life preserver and paddle. Place it at the launch point on the north side of the test pond.

The Water Marshall may also be an Assistant Field Marshall to assist with other duties as directed by the Field Marshall.

Duration: Most of the day, as the water tests are usually at the end of the day.

Parking Lot Marshall/Assistant Field Marshall:
The Parking Lot Marshall is responsible for activity in and around the parking lot. The Parking Lot Marshall maximizes available parking by making sure vehicles are parked reasonably close together, ensures there is adequate ingress and egress in and out of the parking lot in the event that emergency vehicles need to be summoned; saves the spot for the Chapter trailer, and saves an area near the Chapter tent for the lunch vehicle to park; enforces the “dogs on leash” 

rule, and corrects other “bad citizenship” transgressions; and directs the Banner Crews on the posting of the Chapter banner and sponsor banners. The Parking Lot Marshall may assist the Food and Beverage Organizer as needed.

The Parking Lot Marshall is in communication with the Field Marshall, by either radio or text message, to stage the handlers throughout each test segment, making sure the handlers leave the parking lot at the proper time to be in place for their turn in the running order of each test segment.

Duration: All day.

Judge Steward(s):
Judge Stewards ensure that the judges have what they need to stay hydrated, fueled, and comfortable to allow them to focus on their responsibilities. Typically covered by Team Elevate.
Duration: All day.

Supply Trailer Steward/Tent Crew:
The Supply Trailer Steward keeps the contents of the Chapter Supply Trailer organized throughout the day. At the beginning of the day, the Supply Trailer Steward directs volunteers in staging all of the equipment required for the day around the trailer so the teams can set up the test segments with the required supplies. As segments of the test are completed, the Supply Trailer Steward keeps the returned supplies organized for return back inside the trailer and directs the reloading of the trailer at the end of the day.

The Supply Trailer Steward is in charge of directing the Tent Crew in the setup and dismantling of the Chapter event tent. The Tent Crew can also assist the Supply Trailer Steward with the duties associated with unloading and loading the trailer

Duration: 1-2 hours in the morning, 1-2 hours at the end of the day

Food and Beverage Organizer:
The Food and Beverage Organizer coordinates the arrival and set up of the lunch and beverages for the judges and volunteers, and for handlers who have paid for lunch. Provision of food and beverage supplies is by Others. The Food and Beverage Organizer coordinates the beverage coolers required to be in the field for the Field Search segment of the test (other volunteers will transport the coolers to and from the field). The Test Secretary will get a final count on the number of lunches required each day of the test, and provide that information to the Food and Beverage Organizer. The Food and Beverage Organizer may enlist the assistance of the Parking Lot Marshall for the setup of the lunch as needed. 

Bird Steward:
The Bird Steward acquires the number of birds required for each day of the test. The Bird Steward is responsible for the care and custody of all birds used throughout each test day, both in the parking lot and out in the field. The Bird Steward directs the bird preparers and Pheasant Wranglers, and assists in the number of birds to be prepared for the test each day.
Duration: All day

Water Tank Team:
Members of the Water Tank Team will place 2 small plastic stock water tanks in the bird search field for the purpose of cooling dogs down during the field search, haul 20-30 gallons for each of the stock tanks on the first test day, and then empty and return the tanks upon completion of the field search segment on the last test day.
Duration: 1-2 hours on Day 1; an hour on the last test day.

Bird Planters:
Bird Planters plant chukar in the field for the Field Search segment of both the NA and UT tests. Prior to each dog running the Field Search segment, multiple Bird Planters will enter the field with a couple of birds, plant them, return to the gallery, and load bird bags for the next dog. For safety, Bird Planters are required to wear fluorescent orange while planting birds for the Field Search segment of the test.
Duration: Field Search segment only, 4-5 hours

Bird Dresser:
The Bird Dresser field dresses birds that expire during the test as they come out of the field so that they can be taken home for consumption. Field-dressed birds are placed in a food storage bag and then placed in an iced cooler.
Duration: 3-4 hours

Duck Runners:
Duck Runners keep the judges supplied with ducks for the “Duck Drag” segment (following the “Duck Search” segment). Duck Runners shuttle dead ducks back to the duck winger during the UT “Steady By The Blind” Test.
Duration: 1-2 hours, each segment

Duck Planter:
The Duck Planter works out of the Chapter kayak and plants a duck for each dog during the UT Duck Search test segment. The Duck Planter will have live ducks in bags in the kayak and paddles out to a point across the pond from the judges, plants the duck at the direction of the judges, and then paddles to a point that is out of sight of the dog from the shore, as directed by the judges.
Duration: 2 hours

Pheasant Wranglers:
Pheasant Wranglers run previously prepared pheasants in bird bags out to the judges for the NA Pheasant Track test segment. Pheasant Wranglers stage the handlers in the field to keep the test moving as quickly as possible and bring drinks out for the judges during the test. The Pheasant Wranglers work per the instruction of the Field Marshall, judges, and the Bird Steward, and can assist in the preparation of birds used for the tests.
Duration: 1-2 hours

A photographer is needed to document the fun we have and the great performances our dogs display during each test day. The photographer provides photos taken during the test to the Chapter and NAVHDA for their use on websites and other promotional activities.
Duration: All day