RMC 2017 Fall Test Results

Here are the results of the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s Spring Test, held August 18-20 at Cobb Lake State Wildlife Area in Wellington, CO. Our thanks to the handlers who presented their dogs, the judges who assessed their performance – and our volunteer corps, who are the heart of our chapter.

FRIDAY  8/18
Test Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex Points Prize Handler
NA Harley Dierenfields Testament 2 Harley Brown Take em Down GR M 112 I Jack Taylor
NA ZZ Aux Lake ZZ Can’t Top This GR F 45 NP Kim Jones
NA Rammstein Persigo Rammstein GS M 112 I Mike Clarke
NA Jo De Jae’s Maggie Mae GR F 112 I Chad Dare
NA Abe North Iowa’s Abraxos PP M 112 I Jeff Schmitt
NA Laska Laske Cobailey Saathoff GR F 112 I Jeff Saathoff
NA Bob Silvershot’s Oklahoma Ghost WM M 110 I Chris Roberts
NA Scotch Silverpoints Gunpower Rye WM M 112 I Brad Cunningham
NA Finn Foothills Finn PP M 112 I Mark Laurnen
Judges for Friday
Senior Judge: R. Tom Swezy Judge 2: Dan Wittman
Judge 1: Scott Wilkey Apprentice: Richard Sears
Saturday 8/19
Test Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex  Points Prize Handler
UT Roxie Wyowires’ Foxy Roxie GW M 146 III Terry Uhrich
NA Otto Shore Thing’s Mountain Hope PP M 102 II Blake Bienemann
NA Grissy Bluestem Lady Griselda GR F 110 I Jim Arnold
NA Aisha Atma Aisha vom Sylwann Forest at WyoWires GW F 110 I Terry Uhrich
NA Magni Herz und Seele’s Magni LM F 100 III Danny Sprague
NA Sirius Aux Lake Y Sirius Boogers GR M 90 NP George Ort
NA Lady Von Windswepts Bearded Lady GW F 102 II Brenton Howland
Test Call Name Registered Name Breed Sex  Points Prize Handler
UT Chase Pineridge’s Ace of Spades PP M 146 NP Mike Autrey
UT Madi Madison Montana Gripfest GR F 150 NP Andy Leslie
UT Elsa Outlanders Noble Reflecstion GS F 160 NP Sara Heesacker
UT Cecil Bone Points Uno GW M 181 III Ben Oakleaf
Judges for Saturday and Sunday
Senior Judge: Karin Krautz Judge 2: Craig McLaughlin
Judge 1: Dan Wittman Apprentice: Richard Sears