June Training Day!

Flyin WireJumpin’ Jehosephat!
The RMC June Training Day is this coming weekend!

Here’s what we’re planning. Like we did in May, we’ll have concurrent stations for both NA and UT dogs. And if you’re testing in August – we really want to see you.

NA dogs will be run through the three testing scenarios: Field, Track and Water.

Our NA focus will be on coaching handlers on how to really handle your dog- learning to attain and maintain dominance over young pups, develop more consistent recall, and discourage long chases and delayed chases in the field.  Your dogs should be pointing consistently by now, but if not, we will address those issues as well.

Performance on tracks for NA dogs is something we will emphasize.  Our chapter members that have been present and actively engaged at this spring’s training days did very well in our Spring Test, with strong release techniques on dogs that had obviously been exposed to tracks.

Some pups lost points during the Spring Test because they did not enthusiastically enter the water, so that’s another focus. At the water, we’ll need help getting the handlers and dogs comfortable with swimming – If you can bring waders or swimming gear, that would be great.

NA handlers, plan on buying at least two chukar – three if you think your dog needs more work. We’ll supply the pheasants.

For our UT handlers – especially those that are on the block in August – we’ll focus this month on building fundamentals of duck search. You’ll need to buy at least 1 duck for duck search. (Get more ducks and chukar, of course, if you want to stay and train on your own in the afternoon, but remember, it may be hot.)

With the number of folks coming to training days – and the number of our volunteers who are in the August test – Saturday will again challenge our ability to deliver a productive, activity-filled training day for all.

That’s why we need you to RSVP as soon as possible to rmc.navhda@gmail.com. Let us know what you’re training for, whether your dogs needs special attention in a particular area, and whether you can help us run your training group.

PLAN ON IT BEING HOT – So bring plenty of water, sunscreen and bug spray. And be at Cobb Lake SWA early – 7:30 at the latest. We want to get going with both groups as soon as possible.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.