Most of our training is done at Cobb Lake SWA near Wellington, CO. Once you pay your dues for both NAVHDA International and Rocky Mountain Chapter NAVHDA, there is no charge for attending any of the monthly training days. Additional fees may be associated with some indoor training days to cover facility rental. Membership also gives you a discounted price on chapter-sponsored clinics and tests. Wild birds used during training days must be purchased.

Membership Terms:

  • Valid from January 1 through December 31.
  • Members joining after August 1 will have a valid membership through December 31, the following year.
  • Membership provides you with communications, information about upcoming events, and more!
  • Membership with both NAVHDA International and Rocky Mountain Chapter NAVHDA are required to attend training days! (Get your NAVHDA International membership.)
  • Dues are $45 per individual/family. The Rocky Mountain Chapter membership dues are the same for both individuals and families.

We have a great year planned with tests scheduled in the spring and fall along with some great training days during the year. Watch the RMC NAVHDA website or join the Rocky Mtn. Chapter NAVHDA Facebook page to see the latest information on test dates and other activities.

We appreciate your continued support of our NAVHDA Rocky Mountain Chapter!

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Remember, you must also be a member of NAVHDA International.