It takes a chapter….

Rocco retrieve

Running in the NAVHDA Invitational is guaranteed to be a nerve-wracking experience. But when you’ve got the first dog running the first field on the first day and he starts finding wild birds – the blood pressure is bound to rise.

Fortunately, Rocco handled these surprises with aplomb, no doubt because of the hours of training and mentoring we enjoyed as members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAVHDA.

Can a first-time gun-dog owner train a pup all the way to  VC? With a little help from his friends Рyou bet!

Our chapter is extremely fortunate to have a number of experienced handlers – breeders, judges, trainers and long-time hunters – who can help you and your dog achieve your goals, whatever they are. Maybe you’re hell-bent for the Invitational. Maybe you just want to see your dog learn to fulfill his or her potential.

For me, the first-timer, this meant uncountable hours saved because of mistakes I didn’t make, clues I didn’t miss, and frustration that never took hold because so many chapter members were ready to help.

To Chapter VP Dave Shickle, former President Cheryl Aguiar, Director of Judging Brian Thoman – and most of all Training Director Craig Mclaughlin of Scarecrow Kennels- THANK YOU! Here’s another RMC VC because you cared enough to help.

Rocco point