February 9, 2020 Training Day

Date(s) - 02/09/2020
8:00 am - 3:00 pm

McKee 4H Building, Larimer County Fairgrounds


February 9, 2020 – Larimer County Fairgrounds

2020’s February indoor training day will be held February 9 from 8am to 3pm in the McKee building of Larimer County Fairgrounds. Nik Wright, Pheasants Forever biologist, will be the featured speaker. Nik will present ‘Scouting Your Fields: Diving Deeper into Habitat & Hunting Strategies to Successfully find Upland Game.’ Obedience foundations training sessions (for the dogs), youth challenge events (for the kids), and a potluck lunch will round out the day’s program. Other sessions will include:

  • Strategic Planning: Developing a foundation based training plan for your dog
  • Entering Your Dog’s Mind: Understanding dog behavior and how to influence it
  • Gaining Your Dog’s Focus: Using obedience and cooperation exercises to encourage your dog to work through distractions

This year the day is free of charge to members, thanks to the discount granted to non-profit groups by the fairgrounds. If you have not already joined or renewed membership, you will be able to do so at the training day.

Please be aware that dogs will be allowed in the building only during obedience sessions. Be prepared to crate your dogs at all other times. Frequent breaks will be scheduled so that you can water and walk your dogs, so bring leashes and waste bags for these breaks.

When registering, please indicate in the Potluck Dish section what dish you will bring to the potluck. So far, the following dishes will be served:

Member Dish
Tim Griffin White Chili with Chicken
Eric Schultheis Buffalo Wings
Timothy Ahopelto Chili and Corn Bread
Levi Schleicher Pulled Pork
William Ericson Mac-N-Cheese Bites
Aimee Zwart Veggie and Dip Platter
Dave & Karen Dehlin Santa Fe Soup
Jeff Ohlhauser Water/Drinks
Sheryl Dierenfield Amazin’ Craisin Salad, Mixed Greens dish
Kevin Boswell Sausage, cheese and cracker platter
John Gale Wild game dish TBD
Michael Miller Orzo Salad
Ray Quenneville Dessert TBD
Stanley Clay Snyder Calico beans with antelope or deer meat
James Mielke 16 pieces of chicken
Jack Goldsberry Fruit tray
Marvin VanDyke Lasagna
Andrew Leslie Taco Pie
John Harris Banana Bread Muffins
Gregory Derenthal Coleslaw/potato salad
Candice Cooper BBQ Meatballs
Nathan Massie Meatballs
Carl Ciacci TBD
Ryan Stark ‘Cowboy Caviar’ dip and chips
Torsten Krell Desserts
Jimmy E Warren Jr Water or Sodas
David Morgan Dessert TBD
Mark Sheedlo Bison and Barley Soup
Rick Garcia Plates, bowls, plastic ware
Cory Arola BBQ Shredded Mule Deer
Chris Tibbets Enchilada Caserole
Terry Uhrich Walleye Gumbo
Theo Stein Southwestern Baked Beans
Megan Townsend Gluten Free Brownies
Scott Waggy Donuts

Please contact Sara Heesacker, RMC NAVHDA Director of Training, with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing all chapter members, both new and old, getting the 2020 training season kicked off to an exciting and productive start!


Bookings are closed for this event.

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2021 – Annual Meeting

Hello Everyone!
Please see the below message from our Jake Heesacker, our Chapter President. Only paid 2020 and 2021 memberships will receive a link to attend our annual meeting. As you will read below, you can now pay your dues online; making it easier than ever to stay current. THANK YOU to Steve Roberts for making this happen for us.

Candice Cooper
RMC-NAVHDA, Secretary

Hello RMC NAVHDA members!

I hope each and every one of you has been able to get your dogs out and enjoy some hunting this season!

As hunting season winds down for the year, it is time to start preparing for training and testing season. Every year we kick off the new training season with our annual meeting, and this year will be no different. However, with the current state of COVID-19 and the regulations regarding large indoor gatherings, we will be holding a virtual annual meeting for 2021.

The RMC NAVHDA Annual Meeting will be held virtually on January 9, 2021 at 6:00pm.

The week prior to the meeting I will send out an invite to all of you with the link to the meeting. At that time I will also send all of you a copy of the agenda and chapter financial report. At the meeting we will discuss the dates of our upcoming tests as well as training opportunities in 2021.

The annual meeting is also where the membership has the opportunity to volunteer and vote for positions on the RMC Board of Directors. If you would like to volunteer to serve on the RMC Board of Directors in 2021, please reply to this email so I can reach out to you and discuss opportunities to serve next year.

I would also like to take this time to remind everyone that chapter memberships are due for renewal on January 1, 2021. I would also like to announce that you are now able to renew your membership (or become a new member if you have a friend looking to join the chapter) on the website via credit card at rmc-navhda.com. I would like to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Steve Roberts and Candice Cooper for getting our chapter set up to take credit card payments on the website! It makes paying our memberships more convenient for everybody! Here is the link to the website for memberships: https://www.rmc-navhda.com/join/

Thank you all for being members of our great chapter! Myself and the Board are looking forward to seeing and training with each and everyone of you in 2021!

Jake Heesacker
RMC NAVHDA President
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