August 10 Training Day

Date(s) - 08/10/2019
7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cobb Lake SWA


The final training day for 2019 is here.  We will be at Cobb Lake from 7am to 4pm on August 10, 2019.  That means the Fall RMC Test is right around the corner (make sure to contact Tim Griffin, Vice President, to volunteer!) and hunting season is less than a month away!

Through the Training Director contact link, I have received several inquires about members planning to join the chapter for their first training event.  We look forward to having you and your dog joining us.  Please read the material on the Training tab and the Training/Training Days page for an overview of our approach to the different levels and areas of training. Also, see the Resources tab with links to homework descriptions that have been utilized all season.  As you prepare (and train!) the next two weeks for the upcoming training day,  there is a great list of basic obedience and cooperation skills that are beneficial to all dogs coming to their first chapter event.  These training days are conducted to help teach you how to train your own pointing dog. In order to develop your dog into a reliable and consistent hunting companion, it is advantageous to spend time training your dog at home daily as well as exposing your dog to birds in the field throughout the month.

Please register by filling in the form below. After the formal portion of the training day you are welcome to continue training on your own or in small groups. Extra chukar are available so if you would like to purchase birds to train with at home, please include them in your total.  Fill out the total number of chukar and ducks you want to order from Black Hollow Gamebirds on the form. Your birds will be available first thing in the morning in the north parking lot of Cobb Lake State Wildlife Area. Please arrive early to purchase and collect your birds. Remember to bring your own bird bag and cage for transport of birds. Once you take possession of your birds, they are your responsibility!

Please indicate in the ‘Training Focus/Comment’ section any issue that you may want extra help with and we will attempt to be prepared to help or answer questions.  **Priority of dogs being worked in all formal portions will be given to the dogs testing in August!  Sequences can continue to be run throughout the day as handlers want to work.

7:00-9:00 FORMAL PORTION: Utility Steady at the Blind and Invitational Water Sequences

Natural Ability handlers will work in the north field on pheasant drags.

9:00-9:30 RMC YOUTH AND THEIR DOGS- We are going to take everything you have learned this year and have some fun with a great race course set up in the field!

9:30-11:30 FORMAL PORTION:Natural Ability Test Prep.  Be ready with questions and areas that pups need attention for the final preparation of the test.

Utility handlers will split into groups to work duck search, field and drags.

Noon – End of Day: Independent/small group training in designated areas


Bookings are closed for this event.

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RMC NAVHDA: Plans to Get Back in the Field!

Dear RMC NAVHDA Members,

I hope this finds you all doing well amidst the crazy times right now. 

I’m sure you all are anxious to get back to training days and the camaraderie of your fellow versatile dog owners. I hope that you all have been working with your dogs and puppies as much as the current situation allows. We are still planning on having the training day at Cobb lake on Saturday, August 8th. We are looking to add another Saturday training day at Cobb lake in July as well. As soon as we have our permit we will post the date and also information on how the training days will look. We are having to make some adjustments due to COVID-19 regulations so these trainings will look different than we had originally planned back in February. Stay tuned and we will share more information as soon as we secure our dates at Cobb.

We are also going to start the Friday evening trainings at Surefire Kennels back up starting this coming Friday, June 12th. These trainings will look a little different as well. Each of these trainings will be a “mini clinic” covering a specific topic. Sara and myself will work with attendee’s dogs through training scenarios showing how we train through different situations and lay our foundation. They will not be NA or UT specific nights anymore. If you are interested in the topic of the week, please come join us. Signups for these will be on the website and will be active the week of the training. The information for all of these training nights will be on the website. Feel free to email Sara Heesacker if you have any questions regarding training days/nights.

I would also like to update you all on our testing situation the rest of this year. We are still planning on a 3 day test August 21,22, and 23. Unfortunately due to difficulty securing additional judges, we won’t be adding any more test days this year. If you have a puppy that needs to be tested this year, and you are not currently in our August test, I highly encourage you to read Dave Trahan’s President’s Message in the June issue of the Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine with the updated NA testing policy. I also highly encourage you to look at the testing calendar toward the back of the magazine and look at entering your puppy in another chapter’s test. There have been a lot of test days added this fall in surrounding chapters but they will fill up fast, so don’t wait to send in your entries for other tests.
Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all in the field very soon!

Jake Heesacker
RMC NAVHDA President
Dogs with Altitude

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