Training Days

The following are online registration forms for RMC-NAVHDA membership and training days. You must be a paid RMC-NAVHDA and NAVHDA International member to register and attend training days. Please register for membership first, as an account for the website will need to be created in order to register for a training day.

We are excited to announce some upcoming training opportunities for the chapter.  Please read through all of the guidelines that are outlined.  It is important that we stay safe as we begin training in larger groups again.

  • For all sessions, we require all puppies to have received all of their puppy vaccinations (recommend 4 month+ of age) prior to attending this training night.
  • No youth at the Surefire Kennel or Jackson Creek Kennel training days. If youth attend the Saturday training days at Cobb SWA, they must stay with their parent the whole day. Unfortunately, children can not remain unsupervised in the parking lot.
    • There will be structured events for youth at the Cobb Lake training days. Please note that there is a separate registration link for youth to participate in the youth events.
  • Masks are at each handler’s discretion.  We are going to highly advise everyone to be cognizant of the 6-foot social distancing guideline and set up your training plans in your group accordingly.
  • Training at both Surefire and Jackson Creek Kennels will be conducted in a clinic style format.  Our goal is to educate handlers so they can work on these components in their individual training and have an understanding of how to address issues and challenges the dog presents them with.  All dogs will be asked to remain in vehicles until we are ready for them.  Please bring adequate means to contain and keep your dog cool (crate, fan, open window ventilation, water etc.)  Sessions are open to all handlers regardless of the level of your dog.
  • Saturday Training Days at Cobb will be open for all levels of dogs and handlers. 

What to bring:

Training days will be held rain or shine, so come prepared with appropriate clothing, bug spray, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, etc. The fields can be wet, so consider bringing waterproof boots and rain gear. Folding chairs, and a tarp or pop-up shelter are good additions to provide shade for you and your dog.

Bring plenty of water for your dog, along with whatever training gear you use. You’ll need a leash, check cord, e-collar, and whistle. The Chapter has some equipment available like retrieving bumpers, training table, blinds and decoys, heeling stakes, duck wingers, and bird launchers and bird bags. A crate or stake-out is recommended to keep your dog quiet and comfortable while waiting its turn in the field. Check out the new Hunting Dog Essentials guide to help you find or recognize the items you will need for training your dog.

For more information, please contact Sara Heesacker.

For a map and directions to Cobb Lake SWA, click on the map below:

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Registration for training events will only be available for 1 week . Registration opens at 1:00am on the Wednesday of the week prior and closes at 8:00pm of the Wednesday immediately preceding the training day. For example, if the training event is scheduled for Feb. 12th, registration will open on Wednesday, 2/3 at 1:00am and will close on Wednesday, 2/10 at 8:00pm. Only 1 month at a time will be shown below for registrations, but you can find the full training plan here. Please do not show up without registering first.
Please use the links below to register for the next upcoming training event. You must be logged in in order to register. Also be aware that some events, such as Cobb SWA and Jackson Creek Kennel, have very limited registrations.

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