Training Days

We are excited to announce some upcoming training opportunities for the chapter.  Please read through all of the guidelines that are outlined.  It is important that we stay safe as we begin training in larger groups again.

  • For all sessions, we require all puppies to have received all of their puppy vaccinations (recommend 4 month+ of age) prior to attending this training night.
  • No youth at the Friday Training nights. If youth attend the Saturday training days at Cobb SWA, they must stay with their parent the whole day. Unfortunately, we can’t let them play at the fort or remain unsupervised in the parking lot.
  • Masks are at each handler’s discretion. We are going to highly advise everyone to be cognizant of the 6-foot social distancing guideline and set up your training plans in your group accordingly.
  • Friday Training Nights will be conducted in a clinic style format. We will work as many dogs as time allows but not all dogs may receive hands on attention.  Our goal is to educate handlers so they can work on these components in their individual training and have an understanding of how to address issues and challenges the dog presents them with.  All dogs will be asked to remain in vehicles until we are ready for them.  Please bring adequate means to contain and keep your dog cool (crate, fan, open window ventilation, water etc.)  Sessions are open to all handlers regardless of the level of your dog.  If a Natural Ability handler is interested in an advanced topic (for example whoa progression) and wants to know how that progression will look when they are ready to work on it after hunting season and prior to the beginning of the next training season, we encourage you to come and watch without your young dog.  If you are a Utility handler and are getting a new puppy and want to see how we teach tracking, again, feel free to come and watch but we will not be working with your older dog if it doesn’t fall in the scope of the session. (For example, if you attend E-collar conditioning and time allows for more advanced work we may utilize an older dog to demonstrate how we use this foundation in relation to other sequences and challenges as the dog advances in its training.)
  • Saturday Training Days at Cobb will be opened up to Natural Ability dogs and handlers along with the Utility dogs. There will be time-frames for the different groups of dogs to meet and work in small groups.

To sign up for a training day, please see the Events page.

What to bring:

Training days will be held rain or shine, so come prepared with appropriate clothing, bug spray, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, etc. The fields can be wet, so consider bringing waterproof boots and rain gear. Folding chairs, and a tarp or pop-up shelter are good additions to provide shade for you and your dog.

Bring plenty of water for your dog, along with whatever training gear you use. You’ll need a leash, check cord, e-collar, and whistle. The Chapter has some equipment available like retrieving bumpers, training table, blinds and decoys, heeling stakes, duck wingers, and bird launchers and bird bags. A crate or stake-out is recommended to keep your dog quiet and comfortable while waiting its turn in the field.

For more information, please contact Sara Heesacker.

For a map and directions to Cobb Lake SWA, click on the map below:

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4 thoughts on “Training Days

  1. Steve,
    I am a new member with an 18 month old GSP. Would it be alright to come out to the April 6 training day or is too late in the training season to do so?

    Thank you, Tim Wind

    • Tim, it is never too late to start. There is a first-year utility group that will be perfect. On your registration, you might mention your situation in the comments section, and Sara will know to get you started in the best place for your dog. Also, remind her first thing in the morning of the training day about your dog’s status and she get you to the right place.

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