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2018 Clinics

During the 2018 training year, the chapter sponsored the Clyde Vetter Training Clinic. It was well attended and highly rated. The chapter hopes to conduct both a training and a handler clinic in 2019.

  • Clyde Vetter Training Clinic
    This clinic was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. The first day of the two day clinic was spent almost entirely on force-fetch. The second day was all about the field and duck search, and some time spent on advanced heeling training. The biggest takeaway may have been the number of birds needed in the field training steadiness. Concerted efforts to find sources of pigeons have been one result.



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  1. Last year’s Clyde Vetter Training Clinic was stunningly mind-opening. It was far and away the best event I have been to, followed closely by Tom Swezey’s force-fetch clinics. Looking forward to this years offerings.

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