August 13 – Final 2016 Training Day


Well, we’re one week from our final training day of the year and two weeks from our Fall Test, which is again predominantly Natural Ability dogs. Incredible how the year has flown by.

Since we’re not holding a mock test, we will try to make sure every NA dog in the Fall Test is able to practice the track, field and water. NA handlers should plan to buy at least 2 chukar, more if you want extra work. The Chapter will buy a few pheasants for the track exercise.

For UT handlers attending Training Day, we need to hear from you so we can try to focus on the skills you need to refine. Plan to buy 3 chukar and at least one duck, if you want to do water work.

As always, we’ll be gathering¬† at Cobb Lake SWA. Plan to be there at 7:00 a.m. to we can get started at 7:30.

Please RSVP to to let us know if you’re coming, what level you’re training at, and the number and type of birds you’d like us to get for you – and whether you can lend a hand helping us run training day.

And if you’ve got a brand new puppy, please let us know that too!


Theo Stein
Rocky Mountain Chapter