April Training Day


April 4, 2015 – 8:00 AM

Cobb Lake State Wildlife Area

Wellington, Colorado

Agenda:  By April, the water is usually warm enough to start introducing new pups to this new environment, so be prepared to get wet with your dog, and to have fun! We will still be working the fields, but if you’re running your pup in Natural Ability in May, you definitely want to get your pup’s feet wet.

Natural Ability Dogs: We will provide a range of options for owners of young puppies, from drills that help you begin to introduce a young pup to the water environment. Dogs that are older and bolder will have an opportunity to engage in fun duck chases and play retrieving drills, and an introduction to decoys and blinds.  Our goal will be to start you and your dog down the path of solidifying a love of the water, marsh, and all that goes with getting a youngster prepared to enjoy its first season of waterfowling.

Utility Preparatory, and Utility Dogs: Older dogs and their owners will begin practicing more advanced water work.  We will introduce heeling, remaining by the blind, steady by the blind and water retrieve drills.  The group will begin with introductory duck searches, and then proceed through drills that help build desire and promote the confidence needed to initiate a mature, thorough search of a marsh. Along the way we will discuss the advantages of training for a reliable retrieve on land and water, ensuring steadiness under the distraction of gunfire, and reliable recall.

Invitational Level Dogs: Trainers with dogs that have mastered Utility preparations, and are looking for additional challenges, as well as those that are preparing for the Invitational Test, will be able to work on drills to build reliable blind retrieves, and on multiple marked water retrieves.

Preparing for the Day: April weather can run the gamut from warm and dry to blustery and wet. Be prepared with rain gear, sun guard, bug spray. A source of shade ( or cover!)  and your dog  will help make the day comfortable. Don’t forget folding chairs, snacks and bring plenty of water for both of you!

As with all of our training days, we will need a good count of attendees and their expected bird needs. Please RSVP and let us know how many birds (ducks, chukar or pheasant) you will need two weeks prior to the training day.
Training days are:

  • Saturday March 14
  • Saturday April 4
  • Saturday May 2
  • Saturday June 6
  • Saturday August 1

Email contact: craig.mclaughlin5@gmail.com