About Us

We are a nonprofit corporation and the purposes of our organization are:

To promote the interests of wildlife by such activities such as:

  • Fostering ethical hunter behavior and conservation practices through education programs.
  • Sponsoring fund raising events with a view to releasing birds, improving habitat, creating food plots, and acquiring land to be set aside for wildlife.
  • Making the other resources of our club available to organizations attempting to propagate wildlife.

To foster, improve, promote and protect the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America by such activities such as:

  • Conducting field tests for the versatile breeds according to the test standards of the NAVHDA.
  • Sponsoring training clinics to assist handlers in training their dogs for both hunting and tests.
  • Sponsoring other activities of interest to members.
  • Sponsoring events to raise funds to assist in financing tests and training clinics.
  • Promoting the use of the versatile hunting dog breeds to other hunters and sportspeople.

Enjoy our site and welcome to RMC NAVHDA!