A special thanks to our test volunteers

This weekend, you were flawless. One of the judges, Craig McLaughlin, called me while I was driving home Sunday and said this was not only the smoothest test he’s ever seen this Chapter run, it was one of the smoothest tests he’d ever participated in. He was very, very impressed, as were the other judges.


Super-volunteer Rick Huber of Cheyenne advises Distraction-Gunner- In-Training Trace Krueger of New Mexico as Derek Thompson and his wirehair Aspen wait to start their field run.

Two and a half years ago, I found myself somehow being the Test Marshal just before one of our tests. I was not prepared….a mental wreck. We cobbled together a handful of volunteers with no idea of how we were going to pull it all off. We did, barely.

This weekend, we had more volunteers than handlers. Going in I knew there was no question we were going to nail this thing. I know some of you must have felt under-deployed while you were out there and I want to make sure you know how valuable your participation was. With everyone there, it didn’t feel like volunteers hustling to put on an event. It felt like the chapter turned out to welcome handlers to a special day. To a person, the handlers and the judges were wowed. Given the turnover the chapter has endured over the past few years, it was enormously gratifying for many of us to see.

The health of any organization depends on the next generation.
This Chapter is very lucky to have you as members.

Your fan

Theo Stein, President