MAY 2 TRAINING DAY: Mock Test volunteers needed


With our May test less than three weeks away, we’ve have had several members with Natural Ability level dogs ask if we could hold a mock test. Mock tests are great for new handlers to gain an understanding of the testing environment in a low-pressure atmosphere. However, mock tests require volunteers.

Based on demand, we will run a mock test for NA dogs on May 2, but we need everyone who participates to double as volunteers. That means when not running a dog, each of us will need to support others by planting birds, acting as field marshal, handling tracking birds, manning the popper gun, and preparing equipment. PLEASE RSVP HERE BY TUESDAY APRIL 28 IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NA MOCK TEST

Before the NA Mock Test, the May 2 Training Day will begin with a brief meeting of Utility/Utility Prep/Invitational handlers for a group discussion on what training they will pursue during the day. This group may also wish to hold a mock test, which will require a significant commitment of time and energy from all involved handlers. The UPT/UT test scenarios are more involved and require more birds and equipment at the water search/heeling/steady by blind/retrieve of duck sequences.

For a UT mock test, we need 8-10 knowledgeable individuals to commit to staff the effort for the entire morning to set up and hold a mock UPT/UT level test. A UT Mock Test will need bird planters, gunners, duck search planters, and set-up for the launchers and heeling course.  IF YOU ARE A UPT/UT LEVEL HANDLER PLEASE RSVP by TUESDAY APRIL 28 TO RESERVE BIRDS AND INDICATE YOUR WILLINGNESS TO VOLUNTEER.

RSVP BY TUESDAY APRIL 28 here to order birds for training day
RSVP BY APRIL 28 to indicate if you’re willing to help run a NA or UT mock test.
• RSVP if you plan to attend.

The weather could warm up by next weekend, so bring plenty of water for your dogs and water/sunscreen/bug spray for you. Needless to say, make sure you’ve administered your preferred tick dope to your four-legged friend.

Thanks much and see you next weekend.

Theo Stein/Secretary

[email protected]