March 4 Training Day – Signup deadline 2/27

Thanks to everyone who attended our first indoor training day yesterday at the Spicer Arena. We were delighted by all the new faces and we’re geared up for our first field training day at Cobb Lake.

Norton, owned and handled by Rick Huber, became RMC’s newest VC in 2016 – the only Griff to pass the Invitational. It’s clear the RMC is rapidly becoming a Griff chapter.

Thanks too to all of you who are using Signup Genius to help us build a training roster and keep track of bird orders. We’ve already got so many folks signed up we’re about at the limits of our ability to make sure handlers have a productive training experience.

So, if you’re planning to attend on Saturday, you must respond to signup genius with your bird order by COB MONDAY. After Monday, we’re capping the roster to make sure all the handlers who signed up have a meaningful opportunity to train.

See you Saturday!
Theo Stein
President, RMC NAVHDA